bob体育篮球医生不经常看到的癫痫样的情况下金佰利巴里。她的癫痫 - 高达每天70并常伴有严重的情绪波动 - 起源于大脑比大多数癫痫发作的不同部分,这使得它们难以治疗。 When she came to UCSF for surgery, doctors were able to identify where in the brain the seizures came from, but they had to be careful: They were operating on an area of the brain that was mere millimeters from the parts that controlled Bari's ability to talk and move her arms and legs.

加州大学旧金山分校两次手术后,巴里的缉获量大幅减少,她是能够专注于其他事情。 She is independent, works full time, finds time to volunteer and hopes to help others in similar situations. "The doctors at UCSF have continued to help me," she says. "They're just amazing. They know how to make me feel comfortable and how to move forward." Here, her surgeon, Dr. Eddie Chang, a longtime UCSF neurosurgeon who specializes in hard-to-treat epilepsy, discusses the teamwork that went into Bari's surgery, and how he learns from his patients.