UCSF医疗中心和UCSF贝尼奥夫儿童医院旧金山(BCHSF)是服务于更大的旧金山湾区,北加州中央山谷和超越的三级和四级保健提供者。 We care for patients who suffer from the most acute medical conditions, which often require costly treatments. UCSF is among the largest Medicaid providers in Northern California and is San Francisco’s largest provider of hospital care for Medicaid patients. More than 26 percent of our total patient services are provided to Medicaid patients.

居住在我们的服务区域医疗补助的受益者不成比例寻求在UCSF医学中心和UCSF贝尼奥夫儿童医院旧金山,这是从高度急性医疗条件加州医疗参保苦难提供三级和四级保健的几个医疗中心之间的处理。 UCSF’s support for Medicaid patients has been steadily increasing due to California’s Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In fiscal year 2018, UCSF Medical Center and BCHSF provided $263 million in uncompensated care to Medicaid patients.

无论是UCSF医疗中心也UCSF贝尼奥夫儿童医院旧金山加利福尼亚州的该国或加州大学系统接收营运资金。 As self-supporting institutions, UCSF Medical Center and BCHSF rely heavily on other funding sources, including savings generated from participation in the 340B Drug Pricing Program, to offset the losses incurred in caring for Medicaid patients and to fund programs that care for vulnerable and underserved populations.